Rural Lawyer Shortage Spurs Affordable Option: A La Carte Services

Also known as a la carte or flat-fee, unbundled legal services offer clients a middle ground between having no help and hiring a lawyer for an entire case, though some attorneys question whether clients are getting what they deserve.

News Story (Iowa)

Amy Mayer
KUNC (Greeley, Colorado)
May 11, 2018

Tags: Unbundling

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Nationally, 60 to 80 percent of people don’t use legal representation for things like divorces, Skogerson said. It’s a trend she and her business partner, Andrea McGinn, noticed happening locally.

“And we started asking why that was,” she said.

The reasons vary, but include being unable, or unwilling, to pay a hefty fee, living too far away from an attorney to establish a relationship or just wanting to be self-sufficient.