Law firm says landlords’ fraud ignored in Las Vegas Valley

Instead of receiving help from the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, renters have turned to a nonprofit law firm for aid.

News Story (Nevada)

Las Vegas Review-Journal
May 26, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Housing: Landlord-Tenant, Housing: Public

Organizations mentioned/involved: Nevada Legal Services


Nevada Legal Services attorney Ron Sung has seen cases where voucher recipients have paid hundreds of extra dollars each month in unauthorized fees and rent increases. Tenants who refuse to pay can be threatened with eviction.

“These are private landlords who are preying on the poorest members of our community just for an extra buck,” Sung said. “Every landlord in the Section 8 program knows that if they are able to evict the tenant, then the tenant will lose their housing choice voucher. They rely on the voucher to avoid homelessness, and landlords use that as a sword of Damocles.”