Medicaid Recipient Reacts to ARChoices Ruling

Lead plaintiff Bradley Ledgerwood of Cash (Craighead County) said he felt "relieved" the emergency rule was suspended because he feared it would lead to a reduction of attendant care hours.

News Story (Arkansas)

Benjamin Hardy
KLRT (Little Rock, Arkansas)
May 30, 2018

Tags: Algorithm, Disability Rights, Medicaid

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Arkansas (LAA) (Jonesboro, AR)


Ledgerwood, 36, has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. He needs assistance with the most basic of daily routines. Since 2002, he has received 56 hours of attendant care each week, provided by his parents. The emergency rule threatened to reduce that figure to 37 hours — a drop from 8 hours each day to less than 5 1/2.

“In my personal opinion, they were going to the new system just to cut hours,” he said.