Funding restrictions for human trafficking grants can prevent victims from getting justice

The change, prompted by the Trump administration, denies survivors access to critical legal representation that helps them achieve independence, safety and stability.


Cyrus Vance Jr., Kate Mogulescu
Hill, The
June 17, 2018

Tags: Funding: Federal, Trafficking


Too often, the legal systems meant to help victims only disempower them and create further marginalization. Vacatur and expungement are examples of the legal system working to fix this and rectify prior injustice. This funding restriction is not only irrational, but harmful to the very survivors OVC grants are designed to protect.

Together with survivors, advocates, prosecutors, other members of law enforcement, and many concerned individuals across the country, we call on the Department of Justice to reverse course on this policy and allow its human trafficking funds to be used to provide legal representation for survivors who have been unjustly criminalized.