An Immigration Attorney on What It’s Like to Represent Small Children Taken Away From Their Parents

Florian spoke with me by phone from her office on Tuesday morning to describe her experience working with young children who have been separated from their parents. Her account has been edited and condensed.

Interview (NATIONAL)

Alexandra Schwartz
New Yorker
June 19, 2018

Tags: Family Separation, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project (AZ)


“It is very emotional on me, and everyone else on staff. It is very hard to see very young children. When it first happened, of course we were not prepared; we have become better and better at doing this. We know that if we go see a very young child, it’s going to be upsetting. But we have to do it, and we want to make sure that they are safe, and able to go back home. I feel like if we don’t do this, who else is going to? As upsetting as it is, we have to do it.”