The Kids Are Traumatized: For Migrant Children At the Border, Detention is Just the Beginning

Legal offices filled with crayons and toys, P.T.S.D., difficulty enrolling in school—this is what awaits children after their detention hell. “They’re making unaccompanied children,” one lawyer says.

Interview (NATIONAL)

Kia Makarechi
Vanity Fair
June 21, 2018

Tags: Asylum, Detention Centers, Family Separation

Organizations mentioned/involved: RAICES (Texas)


Organizations such as RAICES, which typically receive funding through a blend of grants and donations, represent children after they have been placed with a sponsor. Valdes gave V.F. a glimpse into how the lawyers who do represent immigrant minors go about the work of legally advocating for children who have arrived in a foreign country, and who may or may not comprehend their situation. The answer involves, among other things, special communication tools and lots of crayons and toys.