Where pot is now legal, no-longer-criminals seek forgiveness

Past convictions have led to difficulty finding housing or a job. Some were turned away when they applied for a nursing license or federal student loans, attorneys say. Some can't get into neighboring Canada.

News Story (Vermont)

Associated Press (AP)
June 22, 2018

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Vermont Legal Aid (VLA), Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (DC)


Joshua Rowe could not make it to Burlington for the expungement event, but he has been working with Vermont Legal Aid to clear his record. A 31-year-old lighting designer who has worked on tours with Willie Nelson and Trombone Shorty, Rowe said his two misdemeanor convictions have prevented him from taking work in Canada.

“There are jobs I don’t even want to attempt to take, because it will look bad on my record with them if I get denied going into Canada for a job,” he said. “These old charges are holding me back.”