She Got Asylum After Her Partner Shot Her. Now The U.S. Would Turn Her Away.

Aracely Martinez Yanez fled Honduras after surviving severe domestic abuse. A new ruling will shut the door on other women like her.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Melissa Jeltsen
Huffington Post
June 23, 2018

Tags: Asylum, Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Tahirih Justice Center


While the exact numbers are not available, immigration lawyers have estimated that the Trump administration’s decision could invalidate tens of thousands of pending asylum claims from women fleeing domestic violence. Advocates warn it will be used to turn women away at the border, even if they have credible asylum claims.

“This administration is trying to close the door to refugees,” said Archi Pyati, chief of policy at Tahirih Justice Center, a nonprofit organization that works with immigrant women and girls who have survived gender-based violence. They represented Martinez Yanez in her asylum case. Travel bans, increased detention and family separation are all being used as tools to deter individuals from coming here, Pyati said.