Instability Grows As Louisville Eviction Rate Doubles National Average

Each year, an average of 7,500 households are evicted in Jefferson County, a rate that in 2016 was more than two times the national average, according to eviction data provided by researchers at Princeton University’s Eviction Lab.

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Jacob Ryan, Alexandra Kanik
WFPL (Louisville)
July 5, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (LASLOU) (Louisville, KY)


A signed eviction order often sends people into a seven-day scramble to pack belongings and find a new place to live, said Stewart Pope, advocacy director at Louisville’s Legal Aid Society, a group that provides legal services to poor residents.

Many people are already behind on rent and don’t have the money for a security deposit and the first and last month’s rent — payments often required upon move-in, he said.

“They could easily end up without their own place to live,” Pope said. “They could end up living in a car or a shelter.”