FEMA has either denied or not approved most appeals for housing aid in Puerto Rico

"The truth is that we’re here because this is ours," said a frustrated resident who is still missing part of his roof.

News Story (Puerto Rico)

Nicole Acevedo
NBC News
July 17, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Fundación Fondo de Acceso a la Justicia


Adi Martínez Román, lawyer and executive director of Fundación Fondo de Acceso a la Justicia, a nonprofit that provides legal assistance in civil cases for people in need, said she found FEMA’s way of denying and granting aid to be highly inconsistent. Even when FEMA regulations do not require formal title papers, sometimes even having a property title didn’t guarantee FEMA aid to applicants.

Martínez Román saw cases in which FEMA denied aid to people with deeds.