Vets deserve our gratitude, and access to justice

Why it’s important to support the Campaign for Legal Services.

Op-Ed (New Hampshire)

Renee Plummer
New Hampshire Business Review
July 6, 2018

Tags: Access to Justice, Housing: Homelessness, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Advice & Referral Center (LARC) (New Hampshire), New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA)


According to a new study from the Department of Veterans Affairs, at least five out of the top 10 problems leading to homelessness among veterans cannot be solved without access to civil legal aid.

The study, which surveyed more than 6,000 homeless veterans and service providers, found that many veterans are able to secure food, medical services and substance-abuse treatment when they need it. But for problems such as fighting evictions, securing disability benefits or restoring a driver’s license, many veterans are not receiving the help they need. Legal aid is often critical to ensure that veterans find justice and get the benefits they have earned — and can keep a roof over their heads.