NTA Families Seek Injunction to Halt Controversial School Transition Plan

If granted, that means CPS would be enjoined from enrolling high school students at NTA or even beginning any construction necessary for the transition until the parents’ lawsuit is fully resolved.

News Story (Illinois)

Matt Masterson
WTTW (Chicago)
August 1, 2018

Tags: Schools: Discrimination

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Chicago


Four families from the National Teachers Academy who filed suit against Chicago Public Schools earlier this summer are now asking a Cook County judge to grant an injunction that would prevent the district from proceeding with its plan to phase out K-8 classes at their school beginning next fall.

“Basically we’re asking the court to stop CPS from moving forward in their plans to close NTA,” said Ashley Fretthold, an attorney with the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago who is representing the plaintiffs. “So basically any activities related to that, we’re asking that they stop moving forward on that now while we resolve the ultimate complaint.”