Atlanta Legal Aid Takes On New Foe: Homeowner Tax Hikes

Atlanta Legal Aid is using a major federal grant to expand "limited scope," high-impact volunteer projects, including the property tax aid initiative.

News Story (Georgia)

Meredith Hobbs
August 16, 2018

Tags: Housing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


The sharp hike in Fulton County property value appraisals and tax assessments, which in some cases doubled, sparked an unprecedented 42,000-plus appeals last month—including dozens from low-income clients of the Atlanta Legal Aid Society who can’t afford a larger tax bill.

Legal Aid was able to help them, thanks to an army of volunteer lawyers coordinated by Laurie Rashidi-Yazd, who heads its two-year old pro bono unit.

The property tax aid initiative is the most ambitious example of Legal Aid’s expansion into limited scope pro bono projects after a major $421,000 grant from the Legal Services Corp. in 2016 allowed it to create the dedicated pro bono unit.