Is There a Better Way to Battle Evictions?

Students at BYU’s LawX Lab are building software that can help imperiled tenants get automated legal assistance, fast.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Kriston Capps
August 17, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Utah Legal Services (ULS)


If a tenant is still there on day four—if they believe they did pay their rent, for example, or if they’re away for a family emergency and never received the eviction notice, or if they’ve got nowhere else to live—that’s when the fines really start to pile up. On the fourth day after a pay-or-quit-the-premises notice, a tenant who has done neither is responsible for treble damages plus court fees from that point forward.

“Understand that with respect to these notices, there’s no wiggle room,” says Martin Blaustein, managing attorney for Utah Legal Services and chair for its housing task force. “If the landlord gives you three days, and on the fourth day, you want to tender your rent, the landlord doesn’t have to accept it.”