How To Keep People Off The Streets? Help Them Before They Get Evicted

There's one relatively small step that may have a huge impact for people facing eviction — getting an eviction lawyer.

News Story (California)

David Gorn
August 28, 2018

Tags: Civil Right to Counsel, Housing: Eviction, Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: Inner City Law Center (ICLC) (Los Angeles)


The 4,000 people a year helped by the law center, though, are just a fraction of the people who have been ordered to vacate their homes. More than 50,000 households get eviction notices every year in Los Angeles County — and statewide, according to advocates, that number jumps to 140,000 households.

In San Francisco, voters took an unprecedented step in June, passing a ballot measure to offer legal counsel to anyone facing eviction. That is expected to cost the city an additional $5.6 million a year, but advocates say it saves money by keeping people from homelessness.