Attorneys: Social Services again illegally keeping Baltimore foster children overnight in offices

State law requires foster children sleep in a licensed facility, but the agency’s offices are not licensed. Such a sleeping arrangement is forbidden by the 1988 consent decree that resulted from the ongoing class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of the children.

News Story (Maryland)

Tim Prudente
Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2018

Tags: Foster Youth

Organizations mentioned/involved: Maryland Legal Aid, Public Justice Center (PJC)


Yet attorneys Mitchell Mirviss and Joan Little, who represent foster children in Baltimore, said it’s happening again with greater regularity.

So far this year, the agency kept more than 100 children in an unlicensed facility longer than four hours, said Mirviss, who receives reports of such violations because he represents city foster children in the lawsuit. Some of them spent the night inside the social services office on North Gay Street, he said.