By All Appearances, They Overcame Hurricane Harvey. Appearances Are Deceiving.

Now, mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates are edging higher around Houston, according to real estate and legal aid groups.

News Story (Texas)

Jack Healy
New York Times (NYT)
September 6, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Lone Star Legal Aid


Many families who suffered damage in the Aug. 25 storm say they are borrowing money from relatives, living off credit cards and falling behind on bills. Asurvey last month of Harvey survivors found that nearly 25 percent of people who suffered damage or lost income in the storm said they were in worse financial shape today than a year ago.

“They were just pouring all the money they had into living,” said Jon-Ross Trevino, a staff attorney with the Foreclosure Prevention Project of Lone Star Legal Aid. “It goes fast.”