Climate Change Isn’t Just Making It Difficult For Farmworkers. It’s Putting Their Lives In Danger.

Hotter temperatures can increase heat-related illnesses, reduce paychecks and even kill those who labor outdoors.

News Story (California)

Yvette Cabrera
Huffington Post
September 12, 2018

Tags: Farm and Migrant Workers

Organizations mentioned/involved: California Rural Legal Assistance Inc. (CRLA), California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (CRLAF)


As heat waves become more severe and climate change exacerbates extreme temperatures, advocates say the United States is facing a public health crisis among agricultural workers. Because of the heat, they must contend with everything from an increased risk of kidney disease, to loss of pay as work schedules are reduced due to the extreme temperatures, to overexertion as some take on multiple jobs to compensate for those lost hours.