Arizona considering program offering legal, financial help to tenants about to lose homes

If fully implemented, the Eviction Prevention Project would try to stop cases already barreling through the courts by paying missed rents and pointing people to free legal services.

News Story (Arizona)

Alden Woods
Arizona Republic
September 13, 2018

Tags: Funding: State & Local, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services Inc. (Arizona)


A nationwide surge in evictions has hit Arizona particularly hard, spurred by rising rents and cuts to the state’s once-plentiful supply of affordable housing. Last year, Maricopa County alone saw 42,460 eviction judgments, pulling one out of every 14 rental households into a court system that often leaves tenants feeling overwhelmed and overpowered.

Once a tenant is sucked into the system, there are only two ways out: Pay the rent and any added fees, or find a legal technicality. But late fees and court costs stack up fast, and Arizona’s rental laws are dense. Most tenants give up before their case hits a courtroom, leaving a judge with nothing to do but sign an eviction.