ICE is ordering immigrants to appear in court, but the judges aren’t expecting them

They’d been ordered to be in court by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But their official notices to appear on Sept. 13 were greeted by court staffers who matter-of-factly called them “fake dates.”

News Story (NATIONAL)

Dianne Solis
Dallas Morning News
September 16, 2018

Tags: Courts, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), National Immigrant Justice Center


Their names weren’t on judges’ dockets. “We’ve got fake dates,” said one security guard as about two dozen immigrants clustered near a court filing window.

The orders to appear are not fake, but ICE apparently never coordinated or cleared the dates with the immigration courts. It’s a phenomenon that appears to be popping up around the nation, with reports of “fake dates” or “dummy dates” in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.

Some immigrants have even been given documents ordering them to be in court at midnight, on weekends and on a date that doesn’t exist: Sept. 31.