CLE Legal Aid: city’s lead paint poisoning response not fast enough to keep children safe

Legal aid believes 60,000 to 80,000 pre-1978 homes and rental units may have some form of lead paint contamination, potentially putting thousands of young children at risk for brain damage.

News Story (Ohio)

Joe Pagonakis
WEWS-TV (Cleveland)
September 25, 2018

Tags: Housing: Landlord-Tenant, Lead Poisoning

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Cleveland


“It’s devastating, I think it’s a devastating problem,” Staudt said.

“The reality is there are so many more homes than those 340 homes, that have lead hazards that need to be remediated, that are unsafe for people to live in. All of the children who live in any of those homes are at risk of being poisoned by lead poisoning.”