Insurance Companies Stonewalling Santa Rosa Trailer Park Residents

In the wake of the devastating Wine Contry wildfires, people who live in a fire-ravaged Santa Rosa mobile home park are suing their insurance companies, saying they can’t get help because their homes didn’t burn down.

News Story (California)

Emily Turner
KPIX-TV (SF Bay Area)
October 4, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Sonoma County (California)


She has lived in the park for 30 years. Her house survived, but isn’t liveable. None of the surviving units are, thanks to the fire. But despite the damage, she can’t get money from foremost, her insurance company, and has had to get help from Sonoma Legal Aid.

“They are claiming that they don’t have to pay out on those claims because the park was closed due to ‘govenrment action.’ Well in fact, the park was closed by the city and the state because the fire destroyed it,” explained Ronit Rubenoff with Sonoma Legal Aid.