With Market Hot, Landlords Slam the Door on Section 8 Tenants

The recent economic boom in Philadelphia, long one of the most affordable big cities in the Washington-to-Boston corridor, has led to rent increases even in poor and working-class neighborhoods, and many landlords are now refusing to accept vouchers.

News Story (Pennsylvania)

Glenn Thrush
New York Times (NYT)
October 12, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Housing: Landlord-Tenant

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services (CLS) of Philadelphia


A survey by the nonpartisan Urban Institute, commissioned by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and released in August, documented the problem in stark terms. It found that 67 percent of Philadelphia’s landlords refused to even consider voucher holders, some candidly citing the low subsidies and their desire to cash in on a hot market. The rejection rates were even higher in Fort Worth and Los Angeles, where three-quarters of landlords turned away Section 8 tenants.