To Free Detained Children, Immigrant Families Are Forced to Risk Everything

Nationwide, there are currently 13,200 children in O.R.R. custody, more than ever before, and five times more than were being held in the spring of last year.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Jonathan Blitzer
New Yorker
October 16, 2018

Tags: Deportation, Detention Centers

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


Shelters have become overcrowded not because more children are fleeing north than in years past but mainly because the Trump Administration has made it more difficult to release them. In April, the O.R.R. signed an agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to share information about the legal status of children’s sponsors. Those who come forward to claim family members can now be arrested and deported if they are here illegally. As a result, immigrant families have had to make a choice: sponsor children and risk deportation, or keep their distance while children languish in government custody.