Debt collectors drained this woman’s bank account — then gave it back

The industry is beset with complaints that its collectors repeatedly break what rules that do exist.

News Story (Georgia)

Willoughby Mariano
Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)
October 22, 2018

Tags: Debt Collection

Organizations mentioned/involved: Atlanta Legal Aid Society


Cooling and Winter’s former firm Frederick J. Hanna & Associates had a years-long history of trouble. The state consumer protection agency received so many complaints that it launched an investigation into the company in 2008.

That firm’s impact on Georgia residents was vast, according to CFPB figures. In this state alone, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates sued about 78,000 consumers in 2009 and 84,000 in 2010, according to the CFPB. Consumers complained to what was then the Governor’s Office for Consumer Protection that the Marietta firm used deceit and abusive tactics to collect money from consumers, even when they did not owe it.