Most tenants no-shows at rapid-fire eviction hearings

Nearly three-quarters of eviction actions filed in Pima County Consolidated Justice Court over the last four years were ruled in favor of the landlord, an Arizona Daily Star analysis of justice court data found.

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Emily Bregel
Arizona Daily Star
November 14, 2018

Tags: Courts, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Southern Arizona Legal Aid


Eviction proceedings are fast-moving and can be baffling for those without legal experience. Of the tenants who do show up to the hearing, maybe 5 percent have a lawyer helping them, Newman said. The vast majority of landlords are represented by an attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law.

Most tenants don’t even show up for their hearing. Some can’t get the time off work or don’t have transportation. Some feel intimidated or hopeless that their presence would make any difference. Others show up a few minutes late to find their hearings have already been heard and decided in seconds. Legal aid attorneys say judges tend to delay hearings if a landlord’s attorney is running late. A Star reporter witnessed one hearing delayed an hour until a landlord’s lawyer arrived.