Latest fight over controversial landlord’s Minneapolis properties puts spotlight on housing court

Del Campo Chacon’s eviction fight is a new chapter in a long story, one that includes allegations of fraud, unsanitary conditions, rent strikes, and city intervention.

News Story (Minnesota)

Taryn Phaneuf
November 28, 2018

Tags: Funding: State & Local, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, Volunteer Lawyers Network (Minneapolis, MN)


This month, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey turned the attention of his affordable housing agenda toward the 4th District Housing Court, where tenant and landlord disputes play out every day.

In launching More Representation Minneapolis, Frey called on private law firms to increase the number of hours their attorneys spend helping tenants and promised to budget $150,000 for a pilot project to fund legal services for low-income renters summoned to court. “We’re moving toward creating a more level playing field in housing court for Minneapolis renters,” Frey said in a statement on Facebook.