Take care to help veterans who care for others too

As an attorney with LegalHealth, who staffs an on-site free legal clinic for older veterans at the Manhattan and Bronx VA hospitals in New York, I find far too many veteran clients who are seeking services not only for themselves, but care for others.


Ruth Stein
Stars and Stripes
November 29, 2018

Tags: Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)


The time is upon us to do more than simply honor our veterans. We must now focus our efforts on enacting real policy changes that will benefit our veterans and their families. The expanded caregiver program is one positive step by Congress toward the VA’s mission of caring for veterans, and it is something in which we can be proud.

Much more will be needed, such as addressing the VA Office of Inspector General’s concerns about the caregiver program’s operations, and continuing to support our VA medical centers, which, based on Rand Corp.’s 2018 study sponsored by the New York State Health Foundation, are uniquely positioned among health care providers to meet veterans’ particular needs.