Oakland’s plan to battle homelessness: Stop it before it starts

As rising rents push low-income tenants out of Oakland, the city is responding with a program that’s fighting homelessness and gentrification before they take root. The program's approach may be a model for California and the country.

News Story (California)

Martin Kuz
Christian Science Monitor
December 3, 2018

Tags: Homeless Youth, Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) (Berkeley, CA)


The $9 million, four-year pilot initiative, funded by the San Francisco Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, offers emergency financial assistance, supportive services, and legal representation to low-income tenants on the brink of eviction. Ross contacted the program, and two days later, a case manager sent a payment of $785 to her landlord.

“It felt like a miracle,” she says, her voice cracking. She had ended up homeless three years ago when the city shut down the building where she then lived over code violations. “Older folks like me are really vulnerable. When we lose our homes, it’s hard to find another one. It’s the kind of thing that can kill you – literally kill you.”