Columbus pushes back on retaliatory evictions with stronger protections for tenants

City Council voted Monday night to amend city codes to better address so-called "retaliatory" evictions – when a landlord files an eviction notice against a tenant as retribution for complaints about the condition of their housing.

News Story (Ohio)

Tristan Navera
Columbus Business First
December 12, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Columbus


The city’s move has been pushed by a number of affordable housing advocates. A number of community and nonprofit groups have taken to pushing back against evictions because they disproportionately impact the city’s poorest neighborhoods, particularly single mothers. Evictions remain on tenants’ records and can make it difficult for them to find new housing, no matter the outcome of the filing.

“City Council took a step towards leveling the playing field between landlords and tenants,” said Melissa Benson, housing attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Columbus. “This new ordinance will make it easier for tenants to get help to make their housing safe, and will strengthen the city’s ability to prosecute landlords who refuse to maintain their properties and retaliate against tenants.”