Attorney in lead poisoning cases wants New Haven mayor to take action

So far, the suits brought to court have been central to getting the suffering families any action on these abatement cases, so their lawyer is asking the city to fix its agency.

News Story (Connecticut)

Clare Dignan
New Haven Register
January 4, 2019

Tags: Housing: Public, Lead Poisoning

Organizations mentioned/involved: New Haven Legal Assistance Association (CT)


Attorney Amy Marx, of nonprofit New Haven Legal Assistance Association, is asking Mayor Toni N. Harp to finally establish the lead poisoning advisory committee required under city ordinances.

Marx sent the request in a letter to Harp, Board of Alders President Tyisha Walker-Myers and the Human Services, Public Safety and City Services and Environmental Policy committees because the lead advisory committee will require aldermanic approval.

The purpose of the committee is “to provide direction and oversight to the Health Department regarding inadequacies and deficiencies in the Health Department’s policy and practice for the protection of children from the life-long cognitive, neurological, and behavioral damages caused by lead paint poisoning.”