New site a landing page for civil legal aid

Into the civil legal pro se arena, the Coalition for Court Access recently launched the website

News Story (Indiana)

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
January 8, 2019

Tags: Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Indianapolis Bar Association, Indiana Legal Services (ILS)


The self-help legal center in the Delaware County Courthouse has found that individuals are becoming pro se litigants for two primary reasons — they believe they can do a better job representing themselves in court, or they do not have the money to hire an attorney.

Judges prefer parties appearing in their courtrooms to have counsel, and attorneys advise litigants to get representation rather than navigating the legal system alone. However, the reality is individuals are filing cases and making arguments on their own. According to data from the annual Indiana Judicial Service Report, civil cases filed by pro se litigants rose from 116,222 in 2016 to 141,104 through the third quarter of 2018.