Asylum-Seekers In California Wait For Their Day In Immigration Court

In recent months, thousands of migrants have gathered in Tijuana, hoping for asylum in the United States. Some will be deported before ever stepping foot in the U.S. Others will be detained by U.S. immigration authorities as they wait for their hearings.

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David Wagner
January 9, 2019

Tags: Asylum, Courts

Organizations mentioned/involved: Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project (Los Angeles)


In 2017, California lawmakers approved a state budget that included $45 million in funding for immigrant legal services. With that increased funding, the state’s Department of Social Services has contracted dozens of nonprofits to offer legal help to thousands of immigrants every year.

The state money is spread to organizations throughout California. But regional breakdowns show that nonprofits in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area have received the largest chunks of money. These areas may be expensive for migrants, but the data show that having access to legal aid makes a huge difference in asylum cases.