Vermont Legal Aid pushes program to address homelessness by reducing evictions

The report, announced to the public on Homelessness Awareness Day, says that with $800,000 a year in state funding, Vermont could cut its roughly 1,700 evictions a year in half — leading to less homelessness throughout the state.

News Story (Vermont)

Kit Norton (Vermont)
January 16, 2019

Tags: Funding: State & Local, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Vermont Legal Aid (VLA)


Supporters of the recommendation said many people who are evicted are unable to find new housing and end up homeless, but additional state funding to help pay rent would cut the homeless population while also keeping landlords from paying court fees in eviction cases.

“There are cost effective solutions to save people from homelessness but also save the state costs associated with eviction,” Jessica Radbord, a Vermont Legal Aid lawyer and co-author of the report said. “It makes more sense to keep people housed, pay off landlords, and let people stay in their homes.”