More than 50K eligible children dropped from Medicaid in MO

Cumbersome paperwork, state computer systems that don’t communicate with one other, call center troubles and language barriers are causing some children in Missouri to fall through the cracks and get kicked off of Medicaid benefits.

News Story (Missouri)

Sandra Jordan
St. Louis American
February 12, 2019

Tags: Children & Juvenile, Health Care, Medicaid

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM)


Data analysis by LSEM points to a number of systems failures that resulted in a 9 percent decline in children enrolled in the Missouri Medicaid program in 2018, which is nine times the national average. LSEM said that affects 56,716 children – and represents an historic drop in child Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

“Families contact us after they go to the doctor or pharmacy and learn they no longer have coverage,” said Joel Ferber, director of Advocacy for Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM).