Lawsuit says video hearings in immigration court deny due process, rush deportations

A group of immigrant detainees allege in a new lawsuit that a shift in policy allowing for video teleconference hearings in immigration court violates their rights to due process and was created to rush deportations.

News Story (New Jersey, New York)

Terrence T. McDonald
February 13, 2019

Tags: Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Brooklyn Defender Services, Bronx Defenders, Legal Aid Society (New York City)


The six-count complaint was filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan. The plaintiffs are seven detainees identified only by their initials, plus three free legal aid groups, Brooklyn Defender Services, the Legal Aid Society and the Bronx Defenders. The defendants include the U.S. departments of immigration and customs enforcement, justice and homeland security and the agencies’ directors.

The increase in immigration-related arrests under President Trump has led to local complaints among immigrant advocates and liberal activists who say the Democrats running Hudson, Bergen and Essex counties should stop using their jails to house ICE detainees. ICE pays both counties millions annually to use the facilities.