Immigration Advocates Urge D.C. Government To Increase Legal Funding To $2.5 Million

Local advocacy groups are asking for more money for a D.C. immigrant legal help fund several months after receiving $900,000 in grants.

News Story (District of Columbia)

Sasha-Ann Simons
March 4, 2019

Tags: Immigration Process


The groups ask that the city government increase the Immigrant Justice Legal Services (IJLS) grant to $2.5 million, to help ensure that every local immigrant who can’t afford an attorney will have access to legal counsel.

“It’s not sufficient for us to hire an additional paralegal let alone an attorney, especially given the magnitude of what the community is facing,” said Abel Nuñez, executive director of the Central American Resource Center, one of the 10 grantee organizations. Other organizations providing direct services to immigrant families and splitting the grant money include Ayuda, the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition (CAIR), and Whitman-Walker Health.