Tenant activists want L.A. Mayor Garcetti to put $10 million into ‘right to counsel’

Tenant activists are urging Los Angeles leaders to make sure that renters facing harassment or eviction can turn to a lawyer for help.

News Story (California)

Emily Alpert Reyes
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
April 11, 2019

Tags: Civil Right to Counsel, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Inner City Law Center (ICLC) (Los Angeles)


At a news conference Thursday outside City Hall, a coalition of tenant advocates and community activists pressed for the city to move forward with a “right to counsel” ordinance and called on Mayor Eric Garcetti to allocate $10 million to assist tenants in his upcoming budget.


New York City billed itself as the first city across the country to pass a “right to counsel” law, committing to provide legal assistance to poor residents facing eviction. San Francisco voters also passed a ballot measure last year to ensure legal representation for all residential tenants facing eviction.

Tenant groups say those programs have shown results. An analysis by the nonprofit Community Service Society found that tenants in the ZIP codes first targeted under the New York City program were more likely to have an attorney in housing court and that evictions had declined more dramatically than in the rest of the city.