Closing Housing Justice Gap Needs More Than Lawyers

A daunting justice gap facing low-income people threatened with home evictions demands a “wrap around” response by volunteer lawyers backed by social services and other kinds of assistance, pro bono advocates said Tuesday.

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Andrew Strickler
April 14, 2019

Tags: Housing, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


Speaking to hundreds of legal aid leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., a group of lawyers and judges described how they’ve seen some modest successes in helping people dodge a life-changing loss of a home by marshalling support from a range of people within and outside the legal community.

At the same time, panelists participating in the Legal Services Corp.’s Forum on Increasing Access to Justice described a massive disparity between the number of people facing evictions or home foreclosures across the U.S. who have legal help and those without, and the life-altering consequences they face if they don’t know how to respond in court.