Virginia Looks To Volunteer Attorneys To Boost Access To Strained Legal Aid Programs

The legal community in Virginia is using a new online tool to better connect volunteer lawyers with low income people who need their help.

News Story (Virginia)

Whittney Evans
Community Idea Stations
April 17, 2019

Tags: Pro Bono, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Central Virginia Legal Aid Society


“It’s sort of like a matchmaking service for lawyers and people in need of legal services,” White said.

That’s important because in civil matters, like landlord-tenant disputes, custody battles and divorce, an attorney is a luxury, not a right like it is for a defendant in a criminal case. And studies show people who have a lawyer in civil cases are twice as likely to win.

“You could lose your house,” said Lisa Bennett, an attorney with Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. “You could lose your kids. You could lose some of the most basic fundamental benefits that you have without the benefit of having a lawyer appointed for you.”