How One Houstonian Almost Lost Everything When It Was His Word Against Border Officials

Julie Pasch, an attorney with the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative, said that she’s never seen anybody with his background be erroneously put in expedited removal proceedings.

News Story (NATIONAL, Texas)

Elizabeth Trovall
Houston Public Media (HPM)
April 17, 2019

Tags: Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative (HILSC)


“Finding either outright falsifications or errors — and often time it’s difficult to tell which — on documents prepared by Customs and Border Protection is extremely common,” Pasch said.

She said that she’s seen a high percentage of clients with errors on their documents. For example, she often talks with clients with paperwork that says they were coming to the U.S. to work, when the client says they actually left out of fear for their lives.