Bill would protect tenants’ rights

The “Good Cause Eviction” (S2892/A5030) bill currently before the New York State Legislature is designed to even out the playing field and extend tenant protections to an additional 24,000 apartments in Staten Island.

Op-Ed (New York)

Teresa DeFonso
Staten Island Live (
May 13, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City)


The Good Cause bill gives tenants the right to a renewal lease and, in turn, protects communities from rent increases and market speculation that can result in harassment, displacement, and homelessness. Good Cause Eviction includes currently unprotected tenants who live in buildings with less than six units but excludes owner-occupied buildings with less than four units.

Being on the frontlines of New York City’s housing crisis for over two decades, I have witnessed enough Staten Island residents lose their homes for no good reason and not be able to find affordable new ones. Albany has until June 15, 2019 to pass the “Good Cause Eviction” bill. I invite you to call on our elected officials to pass this long-overdue law that vests in tenants the power to fight for their homes.