Former Study Housekeeper Alleges Workplace Discrimination

A former housekeeper at a Chapel Street hotel has filed two anti-discrimination complaints against her old employer for allegedly firing her for speaking out about years of workplace prejudice against Mexican employees.

News Story (Connecticut)

Thomas Breen
New Haven Independent
May 13, 2019

Tags: Workplace Discrimination

Organizations mentioned/involved: New Haven Legal Assistance Association (CT)


On Monday afternoon, the housekeeper, Edith Carapia, was joined by two dozen supporters from the local immigrant rights advocacy group Unidad Latina en Acción (ULA) in a protest outside The Study at Yale at 1157 Chapel St.

Carapia and her lawyer, James Bhandary-Alexander of New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA), said they have filed two legal complaints against the Study in relation to Carapia being fired in November from her job as a housekeeper at the boutique hotel.