Fact-checking the Trump administration’s immigration fact sheet

“Having a lawyer makes a huge difference across the immigration court system,” Reichlin-Melnick wrote in a Twitter thread analyzing the “myths vs. facts” document.

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Salvador Rizzo
Washington Post
May 10, 2019

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This portion of the EOIR document lacks necessary context, since it focuses only on asylum grants for immigrants with lawyers. Missing is a side-by-side comparison with immigrants who don’t have lawyers.

In lieu of that comparison, the EOIR document says the grant rates for lawyered-up immigrants “are essentially the same as the national averages.” But the word “essentially” is being stretched beyond meaning.

The TRAC research center has a table comparing asylum applicants who did and didn’t have lawyers from fiscal 2012 through 2017. Overwhelmingly, those with legal representation had a higher success rate.