Lawmakers Begin Formal Consideration of Moves to Bolster Rent Regs

A Manhattan hearing room for the State Assembly Committee on Housing was crowded with real estate groups, city officials housing advocates Thursday for contentious testimonies about major capital improvements, individual apartment improvements and “good cause” eviction legislation among other rent regulation issues due for a vote in Albany this June.

News Story (New York)

Sadef Ali Kully
City Limits
May 3, 2019

Tags: Housing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City)


Two of the nine bills advocates are seeking target landlords’ ability to raise rents to recover the cost of supposed building-wide renovations, called through major capital improvements (MCI), while another bill would similarly reform  individual apartment improvements (IAI) . Both bills would not allow landlords to raise rents in order to regain the funds from making renovations.

Another bill calls for new regulations for buildings with six or fewer units, known as “good cause” eviction legislation. “Good cause” is a legal term that does not allow an action without substantial grounds or reason to take place. For example, if a landlord  raises the rent a significant amount and the tenant cannot pay the new rent, the landlord would have to prove the increase was a necessity.