Legal Aid provides essential services to West Virginia’s vulnerable

LAWV Executive Director Adrienne Worthy said Legal Aid is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal services, long-term and elder care advocacy, and behavioral health advocacy.

News Story (West Virginia)

Wayne Towner
Parkersburg News and Sentinel
May 18, 2019

Tags: Access to Justice

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of West Virginia (LAWV)


These areas of focus allow it to reach West Virginia’s most vulnerable people, solving problems and providing meaningful solutions for thousands of individuals and families every year. Legal Aid’s offices are based in Charleston, with 12 regional offices throughout the state.

The types of legal cases Legal Aid typically handles are those affecting safety, livelihood, access to benefits, and other basic life needs. These include protection from domestic violence; divorce and family law; access to government benefits, including veterans benefits, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment compensation and others; consumer protection; housing disputes; and access to health care and education.