Advocates argue Delaware court processes to blame for state’s high eviction rates

Legal aid groups say [the state's] court process makes it too easy for landlords to evict tenants they consider undesirable. But a new state pilot program aims to provide more people facing eviction with lawyers.

News Story (Delaware)

Sarah Mueller
Delaware Public Media
June 7, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Aid Society (Delaware)


Porton said features of a state’s court system often shape the rate of eviction. He said they’ve seen this nationally.

CLASI attorneys Dan Atkins and Meghann Karasic say many Delaware tenants don’t understand their legal rights and obligations under state law. But they also take aim at the state’s court process, which they say can be unfair to tenants facing eviction.

Many tenants facing evictions don’t have lawyers. Karasic says because the court process in Delaware moves so fast, someone may be evicted in just six weeks’ time.