We need more lawyers

Perhaps corporations need fewer legal services, but meanwhile, most Americans — and especially those struggling to make ends meet — can’t get the legal help they need to address serious life challenges.

Letter to Editor (NATIONAL)

Martha Bergmark
Washington Post
June 16, 2019

Tags: Law Schools


The supply of lawyers doesn’t meet the demand from people with regular civil legal problems resulting from precarious economic circumstances. There are 40 attorneys for every 10,000 people nationally. For every 10,000 people living in poverty, however, there are 0.64 legal aid attorneys.

Alabama ranks second-to-last among states in legal aid attorneys per 10,000 people in poverty, with just 0.25. Law schools, donors, bar associations and state courts should all incentivize students to enter civil legal aid and other public-interest careers, with reforms of curriculum and law practice rules, expanded public-service loan forgiveness and, yes, larger class sizes.