Legal Aid ‘securing stability’ for low-income clients, report shows

The report, the first of its kind measuring the impact of civil legal services, bolsters anecdotal evidence that removing even a single legal obstacle can be transformational for a client, Steven McGarrity, executive director of Community Legal Aid, said.

News Story (Ohio)

Rachel Dissell
Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
June 16, 2019

Tags: Access to Justice, Report

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Community Legal Aid (Central Northeast Ohio)


When stability is lacking it can lead to a “whole host of problems,” Emily Campbell, a CCS associate director who worked on the report, said.

That’s because stability is one of the linchpins of a person’s well-being, she said.

Those problems aren’t limited to just one person, she said. They manifest in families and cause damaging experiences for children. They manifest in neighborhoods and contribute to safety issues and deteriorating neighborhood assets.

Campbell said they survey was designed to test the connections between resolving a legal problem for a client and their overall stability years later. Read the entire report here or at the bottom of the story.