Stop the tide of deportations: A breakthrough program can stand up for New York’s immigrants

Every additional dollar going to NYIFUP will ensure universal and effective representation for immigrants with a target on their back.

Op-Ed (New York)

Sarah Deri Oshiro
New York Daily News
June 7, 2019

Tags: Immigration

Organizations mentioned/involved: Bronx Defenders, Legal Aid Society (New York City), Brooklyn Defender Services


Ramon’s story represents the vast potential of NYIFUP as a reliable counterweight to the Trump administration deportation machine. Before this program was established, only 4% of unrepresented immigrant detainees won their cases at the Varick St. courthouse. Meanwhile, individuals represented by NYIFUP have been successful in 48% of their cases, a twelve-fold improvement in odds. Simply put, NYIFUP works, and it’s a crucial tool that we must make available to all immigrants who need it.

As DOJ establishes quotas and continues to exert pressureon the immigration court system to produce more deportations, and faster, NYIFUP’s mission has never been more vital. This March, two new immigration courtrooms dedicated to exclusively processing the deportation cases of detained New Yorkers opened in Manhattan. The deportation machine is stepping up its efforts, and we need an equal response on the other side.